Future Thinking: Hogan Haze, Boulevard Raze, Funding Maze

Gov. Larry Hogan

Education funding via excessive taxing still being promoted, Hogan’s view of MD needs to expand, TD Burger goes belly-up at The Boulevard, Regional Medical Center buoys area, Purple Line supporters drag Governor Hogan along for the ride but he’s not seated

PGCo Tax Increases: DANGER! DANGER!

PGCo Tax Burden Feature

Prince George’s County taxes can NOT go up. Not our property taxes. Not our telecommunications taxes. There are better ways to raise revenue and I think we already know how.

PGCo, did you know…

PGCo did you know blackboard

Student body slammed in Laurel, churches losing the fat, adult age cop suspended for juvenile behavior, number of strip clubs on the decline, who will get the congressional and senate seat, and Team Maryland is on the offense for the Purple Line

SAE Fraternity of True Gentlemen

SAE Flag Feature

Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s racist chant came as a shock to, well, no one. They have a chapter at University of Maryland. Hope they’re nothing like their brothers.

Watching: TV, Snack Tax, Politics, Business Facts

Watching TV feature

Harris Teeter is coming to Bowie, Marriott says they’re leaving Maryland, GSA buys in Riverdale, Mikulski bids us farewell and who wants to succeed her? Taxes coming for our snacks so how am I supposed to enjoy my television viewing?

Food News: Sunday Booze, Restaurant Week, New SoBe Spot

food news meat and beets

New South Beach inspired restaurant opens and it is NOT your average spot, Kapnos Greek gets a YES! Dave & Buster’s almost here, and You could make your future Sunday liquor runs in Prince George’s County. Yay! or BOO! Groupon and Livingsocial deals in PGCo

Central Ave., College Park, Purple Line, Strip Clubs at Dark

Central Ave Map Purple Train

Strip clubs addressed but not really by Baker administration, Central Avenue corridor coming up, but will that corridor include strip clubs? College Park turning into a bonafide college town with all the amenities, Will the amenities include the Purple Line? Only if it’s done on the cheap, says Gov. Hogan

Prince George’s News About the News

Chicken Feature Sky Not Falling

PANIC PANIC RUN SHOUT! Ummm, not really. News media will have you give up on PGCo even though home prices have increased by 9% over last year and businesses are opening, and not just at National Harbor. Read up on new South Beach themed restaurant, DoubleTree Hotel, Fuddruckers, and a new PGCo App.

Prince George’s Strip Clubs Disguised as Banquet Halls

Strip Clubs Masquerade Mask

News does an investigative report on human trafficking and prostitution in Prince George’s County. If the rebranding of PGCo is to be a success, this situation needs to be handled right now. Producers, community leaders, and trafficking survivors say our council knows exactly what’s going on.